As our economy continues to trend toward knowledge- and service-based industries, the need to maximize individuals’ resourcefulness and creativity also escalates. Proven coach-client processes and methodologies support increases in clarity and direction that advance the goals of the individual, team, organization or business through active listening, powerful questioning, a boost of accountability all framed by today's best research.”
 Kelley Russell-DuVarney

 Clients who partner with Vantage Coaching are ready to go from good to great. They recognize that their noble efforts are falling short, and that the single biggest barrier to success may just be their own blind spots. They’re eager to step into their own personal and professional greatness, but are too close to their own stories to create and implement the steps needed to go the distance.

 For service-based entrepreneurs interested in creating values-based brands, and business or tech professionals dedicated to becoming unique contributors in their corporate spaces, Vantage Coaching offers a pathway to big-picture impact and more comprehensively satisfying lives and careers.

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  • 1:1 Positive Psychology Coaching

My clients, whether individuals, teams or organizations, often choose to partner with a coach to support ambitious personal and professional goals. What my clients quickly notice is that goal setting as well as problem solving with a coach that is certified in appreciative inquiry and positive psychology is a more…positive experience. Why all this positivity you ask? Research suggests that when we are even slightly more positive than our normal baseline, our thinking becomes more flexible and open. Resourcefulness is a by-product of this increased flexibility and openness, as is creativity. Its no wonder my clients regularly remark that they look forward to being immersed in a positively tilted coaching conversation weekly. After all, we each have a unique combination of strengths, values and skills to leverage toward any and all of our endeavors, we simply forget how easy it actually can be. By working with a certified and credentialed coach who is steeped in the processes and interventions of appreciative inquiry and positive psychology, my clients are tethered to a consistent source of positivity.

So, if you are seeking greater clarity, a fair share of accountability, an increase in resiliency, and a more efficient and effective course towards reaching your goals, positive psychology coaching may be for you.

  • 1:1 Coaching for Personal Brand Development

Too often, there is a gap between how you want to be known and how you are known. This gap can be problematic for individuals looking to advance their careers, expand their audience, or receive recognition for their contributions and leadership.

 At Vantage Coaching, a brand is much more than a tagline, a logo, or a pitch. A brand does the heavy lifting for you or your business by effectively communicating both your values and your value. The best brands reflect the principles you live and work by, naturally attract your ideal clients or customers, and convey what makes you, your service, process or product distinctive. When you feel inspired and motivated by your brand, your target market does too.

  • Team Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

Team coaching and workshops have the added benefit of eliciting multiple perspectives that contribute to each participant's ability to more fully and clearly identify what they uniquely contribute. To facilitate positive change, we begin at the level of the individual. What does each individual uniquely contribute to the collective vision? How might he or she be encouraged to move beyond problem solving to the proactive solicitation of new opportunities? The goal of team coaching is to kindle a tangible sense of commitment and connection between group members, resulting in increased organizational traction and improved outcomes. As a certified Appreciative Inquiry (AI) consultant, we will often utilize the AI framework for team building and identifying representative themes that more fully represent the goals of the group.  

Workshops on the other hand offer a more economical framework for coaching a group of individuals working towards group–specific goals.