What is positive psychology coaching?

Positive psychology is an applied science that explores subjects related to resilience, performance and of course, happiness. As a practitioner of positive psychology, Kelley partners with clients to identify strengths, values and needs that allow them to reach their objectives more effectively and efficiently. Research suggests that positive states allow for greater creativity and resourcefulness which has allowed many of my clients to shift from problem solving to opportunity spotting in their everyday lives. They become more energized by utilizing their strengths, rather than drained by the endless loop of thinking through or around problems.

How does coaching work?

 While coaching may not be rocket science, the results can be just as powerful. More than a casual ‘conversation’ between coach and client, coaching holds the space for reflection and discovery. Kelley takes the time upfront to not only clarify your goals, but to inventory the resources at your disposal that will support your progress toward important and well-deserved milestones. By upending your business or personal plateaus, you generate meaningful momentum toward achieving your biggest goals sooner.

 If my coach is just going to ‘talk’ with me, what makes her any different than my mother?

Unlike family members or friends, Kelley enters the coaching relationship free from her clients' personal histories and the expectations that so often cloud our loved ones’ well-meaning intentions. As a ‘second brain’ for her clients, Kelley is an objective listener who refrains from advice giving, mentoring, or ego stroking. Her social science training has been invaluable in her ability to listen for subtleties of tone, watch for the facial signals that inform an individual’s word choice, probe for the underlying issues, and to ask with great sensitivity the powerful questions that make coaching so effective.

Why Vantage Coaching?

It’s true that as a child, Kelley sat for hours on the kitchen floor rearranging canned goods by color, size, and contents. When she’d finished with those, she moved on to the infinite categorization possibilities of her mother’s miscellaneous button collection. Finding order comes second nature to Kelley, which is invaluable for clients that arrive unsure about where to begin. Vantage Coaching is the right choice if you are ready to reorient your perspective and present your best to the world!

Fee Structures and Time Commitment?

Vantage Coaching takes a custom approach towards fee structures and time commitments. You'll find no packages here. Kelley's clients vary greatly, some are looking to enter new careers with bolder brands, and yet others are in the process of making business concepts into business ventures. Teams choose coaching to increase productivity and communication and business professionals are interested in gaining and maintaining their professional edge, enhancing their leadership skills and balancing their personal and professional lives. Kelley therefore invites you to provide your specific coaching interest(s) in the message section of her contact page and after reviewing your case, she will send you a range of coaching options within 72 hours as well as providing a link to her schedule.